Social Alchemist
Perfecting the science of social media

— Award Winning Creative + Unparalleled Distribution


Ideation and Content Creation

Social Alchemist gives you access to an award winning creative team experienced in producing the best-in-class social content. At the heart of our thinking is a focus on engaging audiences organically using social-first creative. Our creatives are on hand to work collaboratively to bring your campaign goals to life with social at the heart of your strategy.

With over 6 years experience in understanding how audiences engage with brands on social, we are able to create content that drives conversation on social media. We are uniquely placed amongst other social agencies as we have not only delivered award winning branded content, but we have also been at the forefront of content strategy, resulting in the rise of the leading social publishers of our time.

  • Social Content Strategy

  • Campaign Ideation 

  • Social Content Production

  • Campaign consultancy 

Content Distribution

Our in-house network allows us to distribute content amongst the most engaged communities on social in their respective verticals. Our strategy for community growth since inception has been to focus on specific passion points which drive engagement on social rather than being a one stop shop for all. 

Through this strategy, we have been able to build audiences with higher engagement than traditional social publishers who have not adapted to the ever changing social landscape. 

Our team consists of only the most experienced audience managers in social, combined with the freshest minds to consistently build new audiences on social media. This combination allows us to keep ahead of the curve with the latest knowledge in trends, cultural shifts and algorithm changes on emerging and established social platforms.

  • Content Distribution Planning 

  • Organic Social

  • Paid Social

  • Content optimisation 

Our Network

Social Alchemist consists of engaged communities, owned and operated by our team of social experts focusing on Instagram & Facebook around fast growing trends on social.

The network achieves 5x higher engagement than the biggest traditional social publishers. Our combined following is over 30m passionate fans across genres such as Entertainment, Sport, Food and Animal/Pet accounts, with our current growth rate at 10,500 new followers per day.