Social Alchemist
Perfecting the science of social media

— The Origins of Social Alchemy

The Alchemist

Social Alchemist is a forward thinking social creative agency and distribution network founded by award winning social creative director Jono Yates.

Jono started his journey as a key member of the early social team behind the rise of LADbible in 2015. During his early days with LADbible, Jono applied his social expertise to build an engaged community of followers whilst also taking the lead on helping brands utilise social for customer engagement. Jono’s formulaic approach allowed him to build successful campaigns whilst also being hands on with the ideation, production and distribution of award winning campaigns.

Jono’s expertise did not go unnoticed as he went on to lead the global influencer program at Red Bull in Salzburg and also apply his social first thinking for top football clubs such as Manchester City, Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid.

Due to the high demand for his services, Jono launched Social Alchemist in 2018 to help brands produce social first content campaigns and distribution through his engaged network of social communities.

Less than a year later, Social Alchemist was acquired by Iconic Labs and integrated into the business to help forward thinking brands adapt to the ever changing social landscape.